Zero Emission – SCANIA BEV SDG KHV120 KT with tail lift at the SCANIA booth

20. September 2022

With the battery-powered SCANIA BEV and the SDG KHV 120 KT multi-version, we are bringing sustainability to transport.

We are very grateful to present this exceptional transport solution in Hall 12 Stand C04 with our long-time partner Scania. The Scania BEV Regional impresses with a new powertrain, improved batteries and faster charging options. In addition, a 4-point air bellows spring is installed as a world first, which enables significantly faster lifting and lowering processes compared to the predecessor model.

The highlight of the SDG system is the patented folding height adjustment, which makes it possible to accommodate parking heights of 1120-1320 mm in combination with maximum possible battery volumes to the side at low ride height.

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