TOP SDG Innovation 2020 – Height adjustable carrier beam KHV120

30. September 2020

On September 21st at the great in house event on the SDG factory premises in Bielefeld, the latest generation of the height adjustable carrier beam (KHV120) for parking heights from 1120 mm to 1320 mm has been presented to the public. Due to an ingenious folding mechanism, the patented new development of the height adjustable carrier beam does not require any free installation space below the upper edge of the frame.

The KHV120 is used with the SDG HV120 changing system (SDG Multiwechsler). Height adjustable swap body systems with parking heights of 1120 mm – 1320 mm currently have the highest market share of BDF swap body systems due to their flexibility and a balanced cost/benefit ratio.

The SDG HV120 system with the new KHV120 carrier beam generation also offers unique added value. It is suitable for all drive concepts, requires no installation space below the top edge of the frame, which makes expensive relocation work or corresponding factory codes unnecessary, and allows maximum tank volume.

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