There is no substitute for quality

11. May 2021

Creating the best – SDG Modultechnik is committed to this principle.

In order to meet the highest quality standards, SDG Modultechnik relies on comprehensive quality assurance in process management, development, production and assembly of swap body vehicles. An equally important component of quality assurance is the consideration of customer experience during operation. SDG collects extensive data from field tests with friendly users in order to take into account a multitude of influencing factors to ensure continuous quality assurance. Extensive load tests on the in-house heavy-duty test bench guarantee the long-term durability of the components even under extreme loads.

A comprehensive catalogue of criteria defines all SDG quality standards and is the basis for quality assurance at the highest level. Before an SDG swap body system leaves the factory, it has passed several quality tests and meets the high SDG quality requirements, whether as a swap body kit, as a assembled vehicle or as part of a ready to use vehicle of any European commercial vehicle manufacturers.

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