SDG RE LOAD – the SDG interchangeable system flat rate

01. October 2022

As the market leader in the field of BDF swap body systems, SDG Modultechnik is now focusing on a completely new product strategy. SDG RE LOAD.

With SDG RE LOAD, the specialist for BDF swap body systems from East Westphalia is pursuing a unique and holistic approach. SDG RE LOAD guarantees SDG customers cost savings, resource conservation through a high proportion of reused components and fast availability. A truly sustainable, cost-saving all-round care package!

Too good to be true?

New customers pay a one-off and significantly reduced purchase price for an SDG RE LOAD exchange system plus a regular usage fee, adjusted to the respective usage period. Chassis that are discontinued after one usage cycle and replaced by new chassis receive the reconditioned SDG RE LOAD swap body system in exchange after the first usage cycle. After a further utilisation cycle, a new or as good as new system is mounted.
SDG RE LOAD offers several advantages:

1. In addition to the usage fee, no additional purchase prices will be due for the exchange systems in the future. After each usage cycle, SDG ensures that a fully functional, overhauled or new replacement system is installed for the next cycle.
This saves money and guarantees long-lasting functionality.

2. Due to the double service life of the basic components of the replacement system, over 70% of the resources required to manufacture a new replacement system are saved.
This sustainably protects the environment!

3. If a component of the modular swap body system should ever fail, SDG supplies a replacement part overnight, which can be exchanged in a few simple steps.
This guarantees short downtimes!

4. The old and the new vehicle are delivered to SDG on the assembly date and both are ready for use again within a few days. The new vehicle for a new BDF usage cycle, the old vehicle for resale or a second use.
This offers a vehicle exchange without downtime due to long overlaps.

Existing customers who already use SDG swap body systems can book SDG RE LOAD at any time and benefit from all the advantages of SDG RE LOAD when swapping vehicles. Only the usage fee related to the remaining usage and no further purchase price for a swap system is due, and this with an unrestricted functional guarantee for the entire term.
SDG RE LOAD – a real flat rate for SDG exchange systems! With SDG guarantee!

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