SDG Hausmesse 2020 – a short review

25. September 2020

We at SDG look back on an extraordinary event with great gratitude and joy! During three days of the fair we were able to welcome our guests at our location in bright sunshine. On Monday, September 21st, we presented our company and various innovations to an interested audience at an extremely successful kick-off event.

The highlight of the presentation was the release of the latest generation of the patented height adjustable carrier beam (KHV120) for parking heights from 1120 mm to 1320 mm. This carrier beam represents a completely new stage of development and, although it is height adjustable, does not require any free installation space below the upper edge of the frame. It is therefore suitable for all drive concepts and allows maximum tank volume.

After the presentation, numerous exhibits of all chassis manufacturers with SDG swap body systems and innovations could be viewed on the outdoor area.

We will present these to you in detail here in the next few weeks, look forward to it!

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