SDG ready-to-use vehicles
by our oem partner network

Ordering security and simplicity are two essential features that we as SDG Modultechnik are committed to.

In order to make ordering your BDF vehicle as easy and safe as possible, your commercial vehicle dealer offers you the possibility to buy your favourite truck chassis with SDG swap body directly, in only one commercial process, with one total price, from one supplier!

With individually pre-configured standard and multi BDF swap body system types for the respective chassis manufacturers, approx. 80 % of the swap body systems commonly used on the market are covered. You as a customer no longer have to deal with the individual components in detail at your commercial vehicle dealer and separately at SDG, but receive your complete vehicle as desired. The purchase or rental will be handled in the shortest possible time.

With an extensive range of accessories, your individual customer wishes can be conveniently taken into account directly. Even in the case of unusual special solutions or very special requirements, we develop the optimum solution for your specific needs, together with your preffered dealer.

Contact your dealer for SDG swap body systems, he will be happy to help you. Of course, our sales staff will also be happy to answer your questions.

21. April 2020

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