Putting together what belongs together

03. February 2021

Daimler trucks with SDG swap body systems have been an integral part of the Actros, Antos and Atego product portfolio since 2012. With the different product lines Midi (SDG HV120 KT), Maxi (SDG HV180 KT) and XXL (SDG Volumen KT), all common use cases are covered and the greatest possible flexibility is offered. The multifunctional SDG swap body systems can be easily ordered directly from your local dealer as SDG-Spier swap body frames and are increasingly used by CharterWay and large fleets due to their durability and user-friendliness.

Individual special solutions or application-specific option packages can also be configured, for example systems with tail lift and low coupling. SDG swap systems offer the optimum transport solution for every use case.

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