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Easy installation of our SDG modules

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Thanks to the systematic SDG modular design with recurring modules, the assembly is realized quickly and easily in the shortest possible time.

All SDG BDF versions are assembled by using identical assembly steps. The basic steps are explained below.

Positioning the front-stop according to the measurement chart/drawing at the vehicle.

Consider the measurement “center-front axle” to “end PE – strip” at the front-stop.

Installing the supporting arm in the front and supporting arm elbows at the right position (according to the drawing).

Consider the measurement “end PE strip” to “center front locking”. The guide rollers are always pointing to the front, directing to the front-stop (standard).

Connecting the front supporting arm and front-stop via front-stop adapter.

The booms of the front stop have to be positioned parallel to the frame upper edge of the vehicle.

Installing the back supporting arm and elbow at the right position according to the drawing.

Then adjust the locking measure of 5.853+-3mm between the front and the back locking left and right, without changing the previous adjusted measurements.

Position and install the middle parts at the driver’s cab according to the situation.

 There is no fixed position in general – the adjustment happens according to the conditions at the vehicle, as well in consideration of the optimum for later operability.

Install additional equiqment at the vehicle depending on extent of order.

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