New SDG Multiwechsler for Volvo

28. October 2020

Volvo and SDG can look back on a very successful development of the cooperation. During the SDG in-house exhibition 2020, a big step was made for further technical improvements with significant advantages in height-adjustable swap body systems.

The new patented height-adjustable carrier beam SDG KHV, together with the SDG HV120 swap body system known as the SDG Multiwechsler, allows the load of swap bodies with storage heights from 1,120 to 1,320 mm without requiring installation space below the upper edge of the frame.

This means that expensive relocation work below is no longer necessary and allows a possible maximum tank volume of 2 x 630 l and 100 l AdBlue at a wheelbase of 4,900 mm. The new height-adjustable carrier beam SDG KHV also offers enormous advantages for LNG chassis. Volvo dealers can order it as before in the Truck Shop Europe with the usual standard kits.

You are welcome to pre-configure the system yourself in our system finder or in the customer login.

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