New SDG Multichanger for the MAN TGX

20. October 2020

The release of the patented carrier beam with foldable height adjustment, SDG KHV, has caused quite a stir! The new carrier beam, used with the SDG HV120 swap body system known as the SDG Multiwechsler, allows the load of swap bodies with parking heights from 1,120 up to 1,320 mm without a need of any space below the upper edge of the frame.

The new SDG carrier beam was presented to the public on a MAN TGX of the latest generation at the SDG in-house exhibition 2020 in Bielefeld. The obvious advantages immediately caught the eye of the interested audience. The intuitive and easy handling and the robust, hot-dip galvanized construction were just as inspiring as a significant cost saving due to the elimination of the previously required order code 280VA or 0P4YV (new code) for the required free space for common height-adjustable changing systems. The new carrier beam now also enables the MAN TGX to be equipped with a Code 230FD side underrun guard optimized for BDF vehicles and with two 590-liter tanks for maximum tank volume.

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