TOP SDG Innovations 2020 – New center support HV120 and rear guidance rocker 2020

09. October 2020

Recently SDG released the new patented center support HV120 which simplifies and accelerates the loading process of swap bodies. The new foldable center supports offer a guidance for all parking heights of swap bodies for the well known SDG Multiwechsler.
The extremely robust construction and the signal yellow guidance angles provide a comfortable underride and pick up of the swap body. In case of damage, individual elements can be replaced in the shortest possible time, thus preventing unnecessary downtimes.

Another new development is the new rear guidance rocker 2020, which features a function-oriented design and an inverted spring characteristic curve. The guide rocker is compatible with the entire SDG modular system and can be easily retrofitted. For semi-trailers and the transport of two C 745 swap bodies, the guidance rocker can be extended by means of an additional module.

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