Flexibility and added value – in-house production at SDG

28. November 2022

In addition to the construction of the new hall, the company’s own sheet steel processing began at the beginning of this year. Consisting of the latest laser cutting, folding and welding technology, the manufacturing process is mapped from the sheet metal blank to the ready-to-use BDF system.

Lasers:Sheet steel of different thicknesses is transported from the sheet steel warehouse to the fully automatic assembly tower. This takes over the loading and unloading of the laser cutting machine independently. The laser cutter produces the high-precision sheet metal contours according to specifications. This makes it possible to guarantee short throughput times, maximum quality and perfect dimensional accuracy.

Edging:During the forming process, the exact angle is monitored with laser real-time angle measurement on two modern press brakes. All technical parameters are adaptively adapted to the edge conditions.

Welding:Four manual welding workstations and a welding robot provide the necessary output. Accuracy and quality are the top priorities throughout the entire process.This completes the in-house manufacturing process.

The successes were quickly visible. A large part of the steel assemblies can thus be manufactured individually. Due to the high variability, it is possible to respond to individual customer requests within a very short time.This is another step towards independence and growth at the SDG location in Bielefeld.

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