Efficiency through digitalisation and process optimisation

Long-term survival in a globalised economy under difficult conditions depends on various factors. In particular, the digitalization and optimization of processes play a major role. SDG already plays a pioneering role in the market for swap-body-systems.

A significant increase in efficiency has already been achieved with

  • the assistance of the SDG system configurator
  • various interfaces to relevant data of all chassis manufacturers
  • fully digitalized warehouse
  • the implementation of an agile project management

In order to develop tailor-made solutions for our own needs, we mainly rely on our own IT developments and also offer our customers a comprehensive service in this respect. Individually adapted sales software and complete traceability of all components guarantee our customers security, speed and simplicity.

With creativity and know-how, we work daily on the optimization of our products and processes. Our motto for the year 2020 is “Progress through ideas and conviction“!

09. June 2020

Watch here how we live by this motto: