Added value and flexibility – Volvo KHV120 KT at the Volvo booth

23. September 2022

In Hall 21, on the Volvo Group Trucks A 35 stand, you can admire another multi changer from SDG.

With maximum tank volume due to the new KHV support arm, the vehicle can be loaded with tanks or toolboxes on the side to the maximum. 8 yellow and bumpless guide angles give maximum comfort to enter the tunnel of the swap body at any set height ! Trailer operation for central axle and turntable drawbar trailers is a matter of course. Many well thought-out additional options can be added without any problems.

We are looking forward to take the next step in the coming months after the SDG presence in Truck Shop Europe and to further intensify the partnership with Volvo through the invoicing business with fully assembled vehicles.

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